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Community Info  | Utilities

Mississippi has abundant, dependable, and reasonably priced electric power. To support Mississippi's economic development efforts, electric suppliers offer incentive electricity pricing to new manufacturing industries and also to existing manufacturing industries that make significant expansions. Rankin County’s major electric supplier's include

To assist businesses and industry, each of these providers employ a team of economic development professionals who work with communities and site selectors. For more information on the companies and their rates and programs, please click on their link.

Natural Gas

Atmos Energy Corporation
711 W. Capitol St.
Jackson, MS 39201
Telephone: (601) 961-6900

CenterPoint Energy
104 Cross park Dr.
Pearl, MS
Telephone: (601) 936-0222

Willimut Gas
Branch  Office- Pearl, Mississippi  Location
2650 Old Brandon Rd., Suite A
P. O. Box 6195
Pearl, MS 39288
Telephone:       (601) 939-3275
Fax:                    (601) 939-5340


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