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Brandon Board Approves Resolution to Increase TIF for Crossgates Crossing

Sep. 20, 2023

Source: By Marcus Bowers, Publisher, Rankin County News

The Brandon Board approved a resolution approving the forms of and authorizing the execution and delivery of an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement and amended and restated development and reimbursement agreement by the city of Tax Increment Financing Bonds of Brandon in an aggregate principal amount of not to exceed two million dollars for the purpose of providing financing for the cost of installing and constructing certain infrastructure improvements in connection with a retail development in Brandon knowns as Crossgates Crossing, ad for related purposes.

Brandon Mayor Butch said this money was for the development of adding a Home2 motel to the area of Crossgates Crossing.

The board of aldermen approved the increase of the bond issue to include money for Crossgates Crossing.

In the August 24 meeting of the board of aldermen, they approved a resolution adoption and implementing the Tax Increment Financing plan for Crossgates Crossing Development project. The Sept. 18 meeting was the adding of land to the project for Home2. The Rankin County Board of Supervisors are expected to approve their portion of the TIF project with Brandon at their Friday meeting.

Another item approved the board agenda was the hiring of Neel-Schaffer for civil site design services for the Quarry Baseball Complex, city park tennis, and Shiloh Park. The work will be related to storm drain plans.

Sam Hawkins, Brandon Community Development Director, had four items for the board’ approval. The first was a public hearing regarding a conditional use application for Airspaces LLC to construct a monopole cell tower at 3006 Greenfield Road which is behind Freshmarket across from Bob Boyt Honda.

Todd Jenkins proposed to place a 180 foot tower which could handle four carriers at the top. Verizon is one of the users for the antenna. Jenkins said Brandon could put an antenna on the pole. Jenkins said the area antennas are maxed out and cannot and the new antenna is needed.

The board approved the conditional use application for the tower.

Hawkins also held a public hearing for condition use application for Senior Care Living Solutions to operate an assisted living facility at 6100 Old Brandon Road. The facility was once called Peach Tree Assisted Living.

The board approved the conditional use. Hawkins said the new owners are eager to complete the renovations and get the facility open.

Hawkins had two other issues before the aldermen. They were a resolution and order adjudicating the cost of cleaning of property located at 30 Quail Ridge Dr. and 131 Meadow Lane. The board approved the two properties being cleaned.

Another matter before the aldermen was the promotion request by Brandon Fire Chief Brian Roberts to promote Lt. Keith Hall to Captain and set the rate of pay for Hall. The board approved the request and Mayor Butch Lee administered the oath of office for Hall.


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