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Brandon plans to use ARPA funds on various projects

May. 31, 2023

Source: Rankin County News by Linda Horton

BRANDON – Brandon looking to use ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds for several projects around the city.

Mayor Butch Lee said that the city had already spent half of their allotted funds on projects. He asked the board of aldermen to an agreement between the city and MDEQ to begin the process of getting the remaining money from the state.

According to Lee, the proposed projects include extending the sewer line along Grants Ferry Pkwy.  The city also plans to relocate the waterline at HWY 80 and Value Road.

“The city has waterlines that run under the old bridges across HWY 80 at the railroad tracks,” Lee said. “Those bridges were built in 1936 and MDOT plans to replace them.

We want to have our waterlines relocated hopefully before that work starts.”

Due to sediment slipping into the old sewer lines, the city plans to rehabilitate the sewer lines of Lance Drive, Martin Road, and in the Easthaven Subdivision. Lastly, plans are to replace some of the waterlines coming from the Burnham Road Water Tower.

“The line coming from the tower is an eight-inch waterline,” Lee said. “Then, there is a section that drops to a six-inch line. This line connects into another eight-inch line. We plan to take out that six-inch line and replace it with an eight-inch line. We will have an eight-inch line from the water tower all the way to The Commons.”

Lee pointed out that the city received $1,194,563 in Federal TA (Transportation Alternative) Funds, with a 25 percent local match in the amount of $398,188. This money will be used for the Grants Ferry Parkway Multi-Use Path along the new part of Grants Ferry.

As for the walking path along south side of HWY 80, that is still a work in progress.

Lee said that MDOT had given Pearl River Construction 10 working days as of this past Friday to finish this project. MDOT and us are displeased with their work ethic. “They’ve blamed their lack of progress on COVID; the weather; lack of employees, and any number of excuses,” Lee said. “If you have work to do and can’t get it done, you need to get out of the way and let someone else do it.”

Lee said this project consists of a sidewalk from Crossgates Baptist Church to WHY 80. To use the crosswalk, pedestrians or bikers will have to push a button, which will stop traffic so pedestrians and bikers can walk/ride across to a protected island in the middle of the highway. From there, they cross HWY 80 to the service road and follow the multi-use path between Woodgate Dr. and Eastgate Dr. The newly installed bridge over Terrapin Creek will provide access to the library and City Park.

“This is the first installment of trying to get people and bikers to what is going,” Lee said. “The plan is to put sidewalks along Marquette Road all the way to Boyce Thompson. This will be a protected pass so people don’t have to walk or ride on the street.”

According to Lee, future plans are to have sidewalks and paths from Crossgates to Quarry Park.


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