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Northwest Rankin Middle School Wins 2018 Mississippi Middle School Regional Science Bowl

Feb. 21, 2018

(left to right) school instructor Mautoyia Cooper, team captain Ben Curry, Aadav Senthil, Eric Bedell, Nicholas Djedjos and Dylan McLeod.

Students from Northwest Rankin Middle School in Flowood won the 2018 Mississippi Regional Science Bowl. The competition took place Saturday, February 3, at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science in Columbus.

Sponsored by the Mississippi Development Authority’s Energy and Natural Resources Division and the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, the event hosted 160 students from 17 middle schools around the state. The Science Bowl is a fast-paced verbal forum in which students solve technical problems and answer questions related to all branches of science and math.

“This competition encourages students to learn to become the best they can be in school with an emphasis on STEM curriculum, which prepares students to excel in exciting careers,” said MDA Executive Director Glenn McCullough, Jr. “We are proud of the Northwest Rankin team and congratulate them on this exciting win.”

For Full Press Release:  https://www.mississippi.org/general/northwest-rankin-middle-school-wins-2018-mississippi-regional-middle-school-science-bowl/


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