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Pelahatchie Industrial Park gets $79M Investment

Nov. 9, 2022

Source: By Linda Horton, Rankin County News

Paul Paprocki, Vice President of Menasha Corp. presents industrial expansion plans to Pelahatchie Board of Aldermen

PELAHATCHIE – As Color Box fades from Pelahatchie Industrial Park a new national corporation is planning to spend $79 million to replace that loss.

Monday night, the Pelahatchie Board of Alderman approved an agreement with MENASHA Corporation out of Wisconsin for a fee in lieu of taxes to bring the company to Pelahatchie.

Craig Slay, Rankin County Board of Supervisors Attorney, said that MENASHA corporation recently purchased Georgia Pacific’s packaging operations, which is Color Box in Pelahatchie.

“They were tasked with the decision as to whether to move the operation or stay in Pelahatchie and make adjustments that potentially impact this community greatly,” Slay said. “Color Box is one of the largest employers not only in Pelahatchie, but also in the county.”

According to Slay, losing a company like Color Box is a big deal. “In lieu of taxes does several things, “he said. “It keeps MANAHSA in Pelahatchie. The company is committed to the county and to this community. They are putting dollars to work right here in Pelahatchie. They are going to expand the operation of the facility. They are going to add jobs to that facility. The dollars they are going to put into this facility is dollars Rankin County has not seen in years.”

According to Slay, the investment required to fulfill a fee in lieu of taxes is a minimum of $60 million. This company plans to put that amount and more totaling $79 million in the Pelahatchie Industrial Park. This is a 10-year arrangement.

Christopher S. Pace, Partner of Jones Walker out of Jackson, said that his company had been working on this for several months.

“What the fee in lieu of taxes means is that for the next 10 years of the company’s regular city taxes, they will pay an annual fee agreed on,” Pace said. “At the end of that 10 years, all of this new equipment value and the building expansion goes on the tax rolls at the millage rate at that time from then on.”

Paul Paprocki, Vice President of MENASHA Corporation, said his company purchased Color Box this past July.

“We are committed to investing in this facility and the community,” Paprocki said. “We are looking forward to working with Pelahatchie and we are looking for your support. I think our company is a nice fit for Pelahatchie and its people.”

According to Paprocki, work should begin sometime in the first quarter of 2023 and will initially employ 21 employees.


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