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Preconstruction activities underway for SR 25 widening in Rankin County

Nov. 21, 2022

Source: Mississippi Department of Transportation

In the past Legislative Session, MDOT was allocated $4 million by the Mississippi Legislature to assist in preconstruction activities on a project to widen State Route 25 in Rankin County.

JACKSON, MISS.---In the past Legislative Session, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) was allocated $4 million by the Mississippi Legislature to assist in preconstruction activities on a project to widen State Route 25 in Rankin County.

“I’d like to thank Senators Josh Harkins, Dean Kirby and the House members representing Rankin County for assisting with funding to widen SR 25. With a preconstruction estimate of $5.5 million, this $4 million will go a long way in funding the beginning stages of this critical infrastructure improvement project,” said Central Transportation Commissioner Willie Simmons. “This money will go towards activities such as survey, hydraulic analysis, roadway and bridge design, Right of Way acquisition, and utility relocation. Once these items have been completed, as funding becomes available, we can move to construction.”

The project calls for the widening of SR 25 from Grant’s Ferry Road to State Route 471 in Rankin County. Widening the roadway from four to six lanes will ultimately expand capacity and improve safety and mobility along the SR 25 corridor.

“Widening this stretch of highway would go a long way in improving safe driving conditions and travel times for both local and commercial traffic throughout the area,” said Sen. Josh Harkins. “We are happy to assist MDOT in preconstruction activities for such a critical project on a heavily traveled roadway like SR 25. I look forward to seeing this project develop, move towards the construction phase and ultimately, see the safety and economic benefits that come from widening this stretch of highway.”

“I continue to be grateful that the Legislature recognized a need to fund the phase one expansion of Lakeland Drive,” said Flowood Mayor Gary Rhoads. “The resulting economic development combined with the growth of five schools now require that we address construction of phase two. The funding of phase two is fundamental to ensure the safety of our school children as well as everyone else driving along Lakeland Drive.”

This 3.5-mile stretch of SR 25 sees an average of 17,000 vehicles daily. With an ever-growing increase in traffic, the design will include safety enhancements throughout the SR 25 corridor.

“Although construction of this widening project is dependent upon future funding, we are working closely with Flowood Mayor Gary Rhoads and the Legislative leadership to ensure we will have the necessary funding at the appropriate time,” said Simmons. “This is progress for our state and its transportation infrastructure as we work towards finding innovative ways to build and maintain a safe and reliable transportation network for future generations.”

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