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Rankin School District Receives an “A” Rating

Oct. 12, 2022

Source: Rankin County News

BRANDON - The Rankin County School District is an A rated school district again and one of the top ten districts in the state of Mississippi. The district offered congratulations to all of its students, parents, teachers, staff, school board and each community for the schools' test scores.

RCSD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Scott Rimes highlighted some details from the assessment data:

  • The district grew 26 points from a 707/A to a 733/A, which ranks the RCSD in the top ten districts in the state.
  • The graduation rate grew from 90.3 to 92.5 percent.
  • Reading proficiency grew from 55.4 to 57 percent.
  • Reading growth for all grew from 66.8 to 70.7 percent.
  • Reading growth of the lowest performing students grew from 56.7 to 60.2 percent.
  • Math proficiency grew from 62.7 to 63.9 percent.
  • Acceleration grew from 71.4 to 81.5 percent. These are the students who are getting college credit with dual creidt or Advanced Placement courses.
  • History proficiency grew from 72.3 percent to 81 percent.
  • Math growth for all grew from 75 to 80 percent.
  • Math growth of lowest performing students grew from 61.8 to 69.7 percent.

As the third largest district in Mississippi, out of 27 schools in Rankin County, 16 schools were A's 9 were B's and two were C's. 

"We are proud of these positive gains, which are the direct result of tireless efforts from each and every student, staff member, family and our stakeholders," RCSD Superintendent Rimes stated. "We have a certain expectation in the RCSD and there is always room for growth as we look ahead for the next testing season.


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