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Seventeen trustees earn digital skills development certificates

Jun. 22, 2022

Source: Rankin County News by Marcus Bowers

17 Trustees pictured with Vicki Burton (Vice President Work Force Development for Goodwill), Robin Strickland (Director Mississippi Services for Goodwill), and Bob Odom (Digital Skills Supervisor for Goodwill).

Saturday, June 18, 2022, 17 inmates in the Rankin County Jail who have earned the status of trustee, received a certificate of digital skills development through a course sponsored by Goodwill Industries and Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey.

Bob D. Odom, digital skills supervisor, said those inmate trustees completed a 15-digital course training and passed a test to qualify to receive a certificate. "The certificate can be used by the inmate following their release from jail,' said Odom. He said the trustees have received the basic computer systems training for a career search for a job.

Odom said there were 15 courses taught the trustees which they can put on their resume and are recognized nationally. He said the courses will help them go to work and help prevent recidivism.

Rankin County is doing a good job to help the trustees seek a job to reduce inmates from returning to jail.

"This is our second class of trustees and is aided by a grant through the Governor's Office working with the Mississippi Department of Corrections to help transition return to home and society after being incarcerated," said Vickie Burton, vice president of Work Force Development for Goodwill

Odom said the trustees voluntarily attend the class, which lasts about an hour, and then pass an assessment test with a 85 percent or above grade.

Those completing the course work were treated to a small celebration with pizza, cookies and beverages at the Saturday morning ceremony held at the Safe Room on Marquette Road in Brandon.

Odom told the trustees, "I'm proud of you and hope this helps you in your future for finding a good job to support you and your family.”


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