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Waterpointe Living

Jun. 15, 2022

Source: Hometown Rankin Magazine by Susan Marquez

These days, it seems out lives are so fast paced. Always rushing here and there to shop, exercise, meet with friends, then head back to the suburbs only to close the garage door and lock out the world.

Wouldn’t it be great to return to a simpler time, where neighbors know one another, where you can walk to the corner grocery, dry cleaner, or coffee shop? Imagine stepping out of your office to take a walk, stopping to throw a ball with kids in a neighborhood park. Or perhaps you would like to retire to a place where you can enjoy outdoor gardens, cooking classes and other activities.

All this and more is what you’ll find at Waterpointe, off East Metro Drive in the heart of Flowood.

A central town center will feature building with live-above units designed for a luxury lifestyle. Downstairs will be a unique mix of shops, restaurants, and businesses that will make life more interesting and convenient. Radiating out from the town square will be more homes, some smaller with minimal years, which means minimal time doing yard work.

Gus Brand, part of the Waterpointe team, says they are excited to see the project coming to life. “We’re excited to work with Gary and Wayne Lyles of Lyles Signature Homes. The homes they build are first class. Mike Thompson, the town architect, has a very traditional style that will help make Waterpointe timeless. We’re fortunate to have a local architect who works on neighborhoods like these throughout the United States,” says Gus. “This neighborhood is second-to-none, and a big reason for that is that most of the team lives in Rankin County so this isn’t just a project for them. This is their home.”

Like other projects, the team has had to deal with challenges such as supply chain issues, but the project is on go. The groundbreaking was in late 2018, and Hemphill Construction has completed the dirt work and utilities installation. “Wayne and Gary poured the first slabs in Spring 2021, and those homes are nearing completion. They plan to build out the remainder of the street for everyone to get a feel for how cozy the neighborhood will be. And then they will start on town homes.” In addition to single family homes, a 220-nit luxury loft project will break ground in 2023.

Rhoads Lake is the centerpiece of the project, “That’s what brings the neighborhood to life,” says Gus. “There will be all sorts of activities and events around the lake, including lakeside dining, a farmer’s market, concerts, parades, and more. It will also give people a chance to connect with others in the community. It’s fun to think about what can be here.”

Waterpointe will also have a 100-unitluxury senior living community. “That project offers independent living to memory care and will be developed by a group out of Arkansas,” says Gus. The P. Allen Smith-inspired project will feature outdoor gardens and activities such as cooking classes. It will even have a playground for grandchildren. “That project will break ground later this year.”

The town center is anchored by Community Bank’s 86,000-square-foot headquarters. “Community Bank built a gorgeous building,” says Gus. “it’s been a lot of fun to see it come together.”

Thompson Placemaking is headquartered in downtown Brandon. “We are working with classic Southern home styles found in Mississippi.” Mike Thompson explains. “Homes will feature front porches and sidewalks so folks can get to know their neighbors, and cars will park on the streets, which slows traffic. We want to encourage interaction. The town center will be modeled after a lot of Mississippi Main Streets and towns with squares. Buildings will be simple, made of brick, with stores, shops, restaurants, on the ground floor and 75 to 100 living units with balconies upstairs.” The development will tie into the walking trains in Flowood. “It is designed to be walkable and with easy access.”

Adam Savage with Trihelm Properties is the commercial broker for the project. “The big takeaway for me with this project is that it will give Flowood and identity. It will create a downtown, so to speak, for everyone to enjoy. Waterpointe will have a unique tenant corridor.” The project will have 90,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space. “I’m excited, personally, about this because I am a Rankin County resident. This is a place where I will be going to eat and shop with my family.”


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