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Rankin First Development Foundation

The Rankin First Development Foundation, a 501(C)6 nonprofit corporation, was created to speed up projects needed in Rankin County to spur economic development. This organization exists solely to provide private participation into the county's economic development efforts. Members of the Foundation are at the forefront of the volunteer effort to move Rankin County forward. Membership in the Foundation automatically makes one a member of the Rankin County Chamber. Both the funds raised and the involvement of outstanding leaders helps to insure that a true public/private partnership exists in Rankin County, which insures continuity of the economic development effort and helps speed up and improve results.

Private input is critical to the development of sound economic related policies. Our county's business leaders must be involved from both financial and leadership standpoints if their best interest is to be served by elected and appointed officials. Membership in Rankin First Development Foundation's "Committee of 100" brings together the larger businesses in the community and those organizations that have the greatest stake in future development of the area.


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