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Development and Training

Mississippi Works is an initiative of Governor Phil Bryant focused on three main areas of Economic Development:

1) Help craft a long-range strategy to expand economic opportunities in Mississippi with a focus on workforce development

2) Help bring new investments to all regions of our state while continuing to grow existing businesses and expand them into new markets

3) Provide a forum for Mississippi Business Leaders to learn about all the great work going on throughout our state, giving them tools they can use in spreading Mississippi's success stories around our nation and world

Recruitment + Job Referral & Placement

There is a gateway of services from Mississippi Works and the Mississippi Department of Employment Securuity (MDES) on your desktop, mobile or tablet device.  Whether you are an employer posting a job, or someone looking for a job, this intuitive, native database provides a convenient way to search and apply for jobs, register with MDES online or via the app, build an employment profile, and even see job match information.  The app also allows you to find the nearest WIN Job Center for in-person services.

WIN Job Centers assist businesses in recruiting potential workers through traditional recruitment activities, job fairs and web-based resume matching and screening.


Applicant/Employee Assessment

Hinds Community College assists businesses through thier performance appraisal processes.  An array of assessment tools can be used for a quick, confidential evaluation of an applicant's work-related and/or academic skills.  Assessments may also include performance surveys designed to project employee work ethics, reliability and motivational components.  The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is a credential based on the WorkKeys® assessments that verify that an individual possesses the basic workplace skills and aptitudes required for 21st century jobs.

Pre-Employment Training

Hinds Community College assists businesses by providing pre-employment training to match candidates with specific required job skills.  Candidates must successfully complete a specific training curriculum developed by the business and college training professionals.  The curriculum may include work ethics, team work, work expectations, and the technical skill requirements.  Candidates who do not meet training requirements, such as those who receive low scores on attendance and team work, may be identified prior to interviewing and hiring.

Customized Training

Hinds Community College assists businesses with customized training designed to meet a specific business need.  Customized training includes curriculum and material development as well as instruction.  Funding for the following training activities are available through project agreements with the Community Colleges for Workforce Enhancement Training Funds administered by the Mississippi Community College Board.  Appropriate financial documentation is required.

Industry-Based Training

Industry-based training is training done by the business or industry for the business or industry and the college only provides financial resources and coordination/planning services to the business.  A business may be reimbursed for up to $35 per hour of training conducted by the industry for the business when the college does not provide the training.  Advanced skills training may be provided at a higher rate.

Vendor Training

Vendor training is training provided by a third-party, not affiliated with the company or the local Community College that:  (1) has supplied equipment, software, or other materials to the company and (2) is providing training on utilization of the supplied item(s).  Vendor training must be on the specific piece of equipment or software.  A business may be reimbursed for up to $20,000 per fiscal year for allowable, approved travel costs.  Certain reimbursement limitations and restrictions may apply.


Train-the-Trainer assists the business to train employees in a discipline not currently available through the Hinds Community College.  The business and the college must demonstrate that the requested training cannot be reasonably provided by another Community College prior to seeking out of system providers.  A business may be reimbursed for limited travel costs associated with training employees in a discipline not currently available through the local Community College.  Such reimbursement may apply to no more than two (2) individuals to attend the same training in a non-production area and no more than four (4) individuals per production training area.  Reimbursable travel costs comply with project rules and limits.  A business may be reimbursed from $10,000 to $15,000 per fiscal year for allowable, approved costs for domestic and international travel, respectively.

Online Workforce Training

Workforce training provided through online methods will be reimbursed based on the rate agreed upon between the Mississippi Community College Board and the Community College with documentation of  successful completion of the course(s).  Reimbursement for online workforce training shall not exceed a rate of $250 per person per year.  The maximum reimbursement per company in this category will be $20,000 per fiscal year.  Online course(s) must be developed by the college or offered by a third-party provider, and must include proper documentation of actual costs.

Trainee Credentialing

 Nationally recognized credentials provide third-party verification that individuals have demonstrated competence in relevant skill areas.  Upon successful issuing of credentials, the college will reimburse 50% of credential costs.  Reimbursement  for credentials shall not exceed $200 per person per year.

WIN On-the-Job Training (OJT) Reimbursement

WIN Job Centers can help offset training costs for new employees through the WIN OJT activity.  Businesses may be reimbursed for up to half of a new employee's wages while the employee learns the job, on the job.  Reimbursement depends on the wages paid to new employees and the length of training.  The maximum length of training is limited to no more than six months or approximately 1000 hours.  Businesses that relocate and lay off workers at another lcoation in the U.S. may not receive OJT for 10 days after relocating.



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