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County Bumping Millage for HCC Facility

Sep. 27, 2023

Source: Rankin County News

RANKIN – Rankin Supervisors bumped up the county’s property tax rate by 1/5 mils in an effort to assist Hinds Community College (HCC) with a major building program here.

One county resident spoke in opposition to the rate hike during a September 15 public hearing. In total, the county intends to operate with less money derived from property taxes ($229,651,261) in the 2023-24 fiscal year than it did in the current year ($244,581,013). FY 2023-24 begins October 1.

Hinds officials attended a Board of Supervisors meeting to illustrate the deteriorating condition of its Nursing Allied Health Center, which is located on Chadwick Drive in south Jackson. The building is having significant structural issues, and portions of the building are sinking into the ground.

The group requested additional funding support from Rankin County to build a new, state-of-the-art Allied Health Center on Hinds’ Pearl campus, on HCC-owned land near the Clyde Muse Center.

“It was about a year ago (that they came),” County Administrator Keith Kicks said. “Pending certain outcomes of Legislative accomplishments, the (board said it) would consider increasing the millage for Hinds Community College. The county is not reiceving any of this money. It will be collected and turned over to Hinds.”

HCC has reportedly received approximately $24 from the state of the relocation and construction project.

“Its purpose is for more than nursing,” Hicks said. “I think also emergency response trainers, paramedics and EMS responders and technicians would be incorporated into that facility.”

The additional 1.5 mills pledged to HCC would generate approximately $2.9 million annually.

Rankin resident Jimmy Wood, 87, addressed the board during its September 15 meeting.

“From one whose primary income is now from Social Security, the present taxes – county, city and school – on our home is in the amount of $2,177.99, which equals approximately one-sixth of that income,” Wood said. “I request that you reconsider raising the ad valorem tax rate or implement tax relief for our senior citizens.

“I am very much aware of the need for education, having attained three degrees myself,” he said. “But I did that by working. I am concerned that all of us are experiencing very trying times, and this includes our education system. However, there’s only so much that we can do. I realize that you are faced with those same constraints, but there is a limit to what senior citizens can do.”

Board President Steve Gaines was first to address Woods’ comments. “We, the county, are working within our means, within our budget,” Gaines said. “This doesn’t go to our General Fund – not one penny of it. This money will go to a specific project that will further the growth of education in Rankin County. Having the nursing school here would be a huge asset for Rankin County. To have that facility relocated here, it would be one of the biggest developments, going forward, in Rankin County. It’s not that we’re spending more money than we were last year. 1.5 mills represent us trying to keep up with education costs.”

Board attorney Craig Slay said that when compared with other counties throughout the nation, Rankin’s tax burden remains very low. “We rank in the lowest one-third of all counties across the United States in terms of our property tax rate,” he said. “This board, in particular, tries to run a tight ship and provide good government services.

“This increase is dedicated solely to debt service for a construction project on behalf of Hinds Community College,” Slay said. “We see the need in our community for quality nursing and emergency response teaching and instruction. We want to do that in a way that provides a safe and secure environment for those students.

“Right now, they don’t have that. In order to provide this facility, we have to figure out a wy to get it built, and then paid for. Part of that includes increasing the debt service that is assigned to Hinds Community College for their capital improvements, and that’s 1.5 mils, and that is the only millage increase that is being made. This is for the construction, then the operation and maintenance, of a facility that will provide nursing and allied health instruction to citizens throughout the entire Hinds Community College system.”

The county will provide a combined $11,481,649, including the 1.5 mil increase, to HCC in fiscal year 2023-24. The budget was approved by a 4-0 vote. District Two Supervisor Daniel Cross did not attend the meeting.


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