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RCSD Strive II Helping Students Transition

Oct. 25, 2023

Source: Rankin County News

STRIVE II Helping Students Transition! The Rankin County School District’s Strive II Program is designed to help students make a successful transition after high school. RCSD and the City of Brandon collaborate on pre-vocational training. Pictured (l to r): Mitchell Bargender, Grant McGaughy, Teache

Rankin County School District’s Strive II Transition Program was established to help students with disabilities (ages 18 to 20) to become productive members of society. Regardless of their individual differences, our students are provided with the skills and tools to successfully transition into the work world following completion of their high school education.

In order to achieve this goal, students are provided the opportunity to transfer the skills learned in the classroom into the community. Functional skills that aid our students in transition to the work world fall in the areas of vocational, leisure/recreation, and community living.

Participants in the program are provided opportunities to acquire important skills to support the successful transition to life beyond high school. In addition to pre-vocational skills, the RCSD Strive II Transition Program’s community-based activities also allow students to gain functional skills in the areas of daily living, government and safety.

In acquiring these skills, our goal is for our students to live independently and gain employment in their communities. RCSD has partnered with Mayor Butch Lee and the City of Brandon to provide pre-vocational training. For more information, please contact Rankin County School District.


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